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DETED Men's University Of Arkansas Razorbacks Quick Dry Sport T-shirt SizeXXL Black


Product description

Promotes Excellent Durability And Protection. Promotes Freshness And Deters Odors All Day. Deodorization Function Protects Against Unpleasant Odors Behind From Sweat And Dirt. First Step: Quickly Absorb The Sweat On The Skin Surface.Second Step: Fine Weaving Structure To Spread Sweat Quickly.Third Step: The Diffusion Of Sweat Enhanced The Rate Of Evaporation.

  • Outdoor Sports Quick Dry Tshirt Tee.
  • Running Riding Fitness And Training All Available.
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick Time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation.
  • Quick Dry And Fight Off The Unpleasant Sweat Odor, Breathable And Moisture Wicking.
  • It's Takes 7-14 Business Days For Delivery.

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